The Idea for CarbonX Ignited on a Race Track

CarbonX® by TexTech Industries was originally created with the sole intention of protecting race car drivers and pit crews after the brand founder had watched too many friends suffer serious burn injuries in race car accidents. Among CarbonX’s first customers were NHRA Top Fuel Champion Larry Dixon, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, NHRA legend John Force, NHRA Top Fuel Champion and Funny Car Driver Jim Head, and Hendrick Motorsports, which uses CarbonX fabrics in the cars it owns and operates.

Racing professionals have relied on CarbonX for more than 15 years to provide them with the protection they deserve.

Jordan O'Brien, 2017 Pro Road Course World Champion, 2017 Thompson Speedway MSD Legends Champion, 2017 Pro Road Course Maine State Champion

“It is because of CarbonX that I am safe and able to talk about my 2017 Road Course World Finals race today. After about 10 seconds of exposure to direct flame and extreme heat, I escaped my car, which was engulfed in flames, with burns only on the areas of my body not protected by my CarbonX non-flammable Ultimate™ baselayer underwear. CarbonX buys you time to escape dangerous situations so you are not fighting against the clock. I was sold on the product from the time I saw my first performance demonstration. With its pre-burnt fiber construction and innovative technology, I knew it was the best protection possible on the market. And now I’ve proven it. To say we will be continuing and building our partnership with TexTech is an understatement. For racing professionals searching for safety wear to start a racing career or gear-up for next season, CarbonX undergarments need to be at the top of their list. We say a massive ‘thank you’ to CarbonX for keeping me safe.”

Jenna Grillo, Professional Driver, Jenno Grillo Racing

"In December 2013 I visited the CarbonX booth at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis. I was just getting out of karts and was in the market for fireproof underwear. Within a few minutes, I was amazed. I was shown a side-by-side comparison of CarbonX and Nomex on fire, and that made up my mind. When it came time to order my underwear, I ordered CarbonX from head to toe. I feel extremely safe out on the track wearing my CarbonX balaclava, sports bra, shirt, pants, and socks. I will never go out on the track without it."

Larry Dixon, 3-Time NHRA Top Fuel Champion

“I was in a terrible accident in 2003. My car blew up, it was in pieces on the track, engulfed in flames. Not having to worry about the fire allowed me to concentrate on safely stopping the car so I could get out of it alive. Because I was wearing CarbonX, I was able to make it home to have dinner with my family that night.”

Sarah and Bridget Burgess, Professional Drivers, BMI Racing

"We are proud to announce our new partnership with CarbonX who will provide us with the gear to protect our loved ones—the best fire protection baselayer and the material in our MotorSports Safety Gear suit."

Jim Head, 6-Time NHRA Top Fuel Champion and Funny Car Driver

On May 23, 2010, Funny Car Drag Racer Jim Head was speeding down the track in Topeka, Kansas, when an internal engine component in his car failed. The highly flammable, nitro-methane fuel in the engine immediately combusted, completely engulfing the car and its driver in flames for over 10 seconds. Head was able to maintain control of the car and activate the fire system to extinguish the flames.